Democrats Are Destroying America

Democrats Are Destroying America and only one Republican primary candidate from District 91 has the plan to stop them. That candidate is John George.

John has been a resident of Marengo, IA for the past twelve years. He was raised just south of Iowa County, in Keswick, IA, where his Dad was Keokuk County Sheriff for over thirty years. John attended and graduated from Tri-County Community Schools, as well as attaining postsecondary degrees in Information Technology, Legal Studies, and Political Science. He previously ran for State Senate in 2016 and Iowa House in 2018, both as a member of the Libertarian Party, where he set the record for total votes and highest voting percentage for candidates running in a race against two other parties.

It wasn’t until 2011 that John was bitten by the political bug, when he volunteered to help Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential campaign in Iowa County. He eventually worked his way up from knocking on doors and handing out flyers at events, to being named the Iowa County Coordinator for Dr. Paul’s campaign and helped organize Dr. Paul’s win of the 2012 Republican Caucus in his voting precinct. John also was a delegate for Dr. Paul at the county, district and state Republican 2012 conventions where liberty delegates were able to take over the entire Republican State Central Committee that year as well. 

John also was a County Chair for Ron Paul’s son, Rand, when he decided to throw his hat in the ring to become the Republican Presidential nominee in 2016. However, after a lackluster performance in the caucuses, John became frustrated with the entire process and joined the Libertarian Party. During his time with the LP, John was able to work hands on at both the state and national level, and gained a lifetime of political knowledge in just a couple of years. He also began to see that politics is still politics, even when you’re a rapidly growing 3rd party and decided to rejoin the Republican Party, thanks to his admiration of President Trump.

It is because of his love of liberty, and respect for President Trump that John coined the term MAGAtarian to help describe his changing political philosophy. Watching Trump shift from going to full populist when he held his rallies all across the nation, to governing like a true constitutional conservative while executing his duties as POTUS, John was able to learn that being an un-flexible diehard who tries to please everyone, doesn’t get you very far in the political world. Using the system, for better or worse, to your advantage is key, but knowing your (political) enemies every move before they make it, is even more crucial.

This is what John brings to the table, and what makes him stand out in this crowded field of candidates running to represent House District 91. Democrats are destroying America is more than a campaign motto, its a warning. A warning that looks to awaken the minds of the people to look closer at what is going on around us in our communities, states, and nation. There is no question that Democrats wish to implement socialist programs across our great nation. What needs to be realized is that it doesn’t stop there. Socialism is just one stop on the road to full blown Communism, and they are closer now, than they’ve ever been before. 

But, we can still stop them. By using both our State and Federal Constitutions, we can stop Democrats and their evil agenda, but we have to educate ourselves about how they have been able to get away with it for so long and how they were able to do it right under our very noses. John George knows how they’ve been doing and he knows how they’ve been able to get away with it for so long, too. 

Keep checking back for updates as John breaks down everything Democrats don’t want you to know, from their beginnings, to where we are at today and what we can do to stop them.