George for Iowa House


John George for Iowa House District 91

 Democrats Are Destroying America

Democrats Are Destroying America and only one Republican primary candidate from District 91 has the plan to stop them. That candidate is John George.

I was born and raised in the great State of Iowa and have been a lifelong resident as well. That’s why it sickens me to see what’s happening today throughout the Hawkeye State. Violent crime has skyrocketed in our cities, inflation has almost doubled the cost of the necessities most families need to survive and we are all struggling just to keep our heads above water. 

If that isn’t enough, it seems like everyday there is a new assault on our state and nation. From the Chinese trying to steal from our industries, to the ‘leaders’ who are teaching our children to hate our nation and hate themselves because of their skin color and the biological sex they were born as. Why is this happening in Iowa all of a sudden? It’s because Democrats are destroying America and our elected officials have failed to stop them. 

We have been handed down the most prosperous and free nation that has ever been created in this world, but radical Leftists rather stand in bread lines believing equal is better than free. That’s where I come in. Having a background in Political Science has given me the opportunity to know our enemy better than any candidate running this election, and better than most who have already been elected. 

That is the reason I know how they operate, how they speak, and how they lie to us every single day in order to promote their evil agenda. I also know how to defeat them. Iowa Republican legislators essentially wasted weeks this past session drafting and enacting bills they believed would help protect Iowans from the Woke movement that’s taken over not just our schools and universities, but ALL of the bedrock institutions of our State/Nation. 


Awake not woke



      1. Deconstruct the Administrative state;

    1. Strengthen and protect parental medical and educational freedoms;
    2. Secure and protect Iowan’s right to bear arms, which shall not be infringed;
    3. Election Integrity. Keep our elections decentralized, secure and theft proof;
    4. Enhance punishments tenfold against all pedophiles, child traffickers, and groomers. No more slaps on the wrist or probation only sentences. 1st offenses will start at five years minimum, hard time for all convictions;
    5. Common sense property tax reform that provides immediate relief for Iowa property owners;
    6. Implement a Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) to advocate for clients in courts of equity, such as family law, landlord/tenant disputes, consumer debt cases, etc.
    7. Return to our agrarian populist roots by giving family farmers a platform that they will be heard from and reinvest in the future of agriculture that drives our states economy;
    8. End economic federalism that forces states to do the federal governments bidding by attaching strings that strip the sovereignty of all Iowans, incentivizes the administrative state and uses Iowa resources to enforce federal laws and regulations instead of protecting the rights of Iowans.
    9. Support our Veterans in every way we possibly can. I would start by drafting legislation that guarantees full funding and staffing for all 99 of Iowa’s County Veterans Affairs Departments and build from there.
John George for Iowa House

Democrats are Destroying America