Democrats Are Destroying America!

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Democrats are destroying America and only one Iowa House District 91 candidate has a plan to end the infiltratration of the radical Neo-Marxists from within our schools, government and other bedrock institutions of our society.

This is an issue that can’t be fixed through legislation alone, democrats are destroying America and egislators (and many others) are clueless to what’s even happening under their watch. Case in point THE IOWA DEPT OF EDUCATION LISTS SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING (SEL) AS A LEARNER SUPPORT METHOD FOR TEACHERS WHEN INTERACTING WITH STUDENTS.

Radical Neo-Marxists use these tools as a mechanism for students to open the door to critical theory and Wokeness by manipulating them into believing that their Whiteness or White Adjacency has created a hegemony of hatred that they need to recognize and make up for.

Queer Theory has been responsible for the largest percentage of public school students believing that they are trapped in the wrong gender and the trauma caused by this newfound burden may cause serious mental health problems if they don’t begin life altering hormonal transitioning and other major health care issues.

Social Justice theory can be translated from woke rhetoric as meaning Social=Socialism & Justice=Equity (Communism). Rhetoric is the key word in all this, as they are constantly moving the goalposts through the use of their rhetoric. A good example is when legislators keep calling the manipulation of our students in public schools a direct result of Critical Race Theory.

Technically, this is wrong, but they are still using another ‘brand’ of critical theory or at the very least. Social, Emotional Learning is a method used by teachers to fit students into an oppressor/oppressed power dynamic that sets the stage to transition in critical theory in higher grades of education. Essentially, its the fuse that lights the dynamite, which is full fledged Critical Theory..

You can read more about this subject and how I plan to stop it at the George for Liberty official Faceebook page Https:// or on this website on James Lindsay is the master of all things woke and his work cam be found at as well.

Democrats are Destroying America. Vote John George for iowa House 91 this June 7th.